About us

STEELSTAG is a leading steel fiber manufacturer that adheres to the CE standard, employing the most advanced Lean management methodologies in production processes. We integrate modern technological solutions to ensure the highest quality products. Our steel fibers exhibit exceptional durability, providing concrete with solid impact resistance and high load-bearing capacity.

Thanks to our ongoing commitment to employee development, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services. This includes optimizing the sales process, handling documentation, offering practical logistical solutions, and assisting clients in selecting the most suitable logistics options based on their specific requirements. Furthermore, we are dedicated to helping clients overcome any additional challenges they may encounter, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling experience.

Our production process is founded upon the principles of the LEAN management system, aimed at optimizing manufacturing operations by eliminating non-value-added tasks that can compromise product quality and increase costs. Through the application of innovative LEAN management methods, we ensure the implementation of the most effective decisions for our clients, resulting in superior outcomes.

Our ability to provide competitive pricing, flexible delivery terms, prompt responsiveness to your specific requirements, and adherence to high-quality standards with qualified products sets us apart. We understand the importance of accommodating changing client needs, and we possess the capability to tailor our assortment to align with your specific demands.