Steel fiber

Steel fiber

Steel fiber produced by STEELSTAG ensures good adhesion between the fiber and concrete. Hooked-end steel fiber is meticulously designed to control crack propagation, ensuring precise control over structural integrity. High fiber counts enable a finer distribution of steel fiber reinforcement throughout the concrete matrix, resulting in superior crack control during the drying process. Long and heavily deformed fibers provide enhanced post-crack “strength” exhibiting better matrix anchorage and increased resistance against deformations and wider crack widths. Enhanced flexural strength allows for the use of thinner slabs, minimizing material usage and streamlining construction processes.

Why choose steel fiber reinforced concrete instead of regular concrete?

Good impact resistance
Good impact strength, tensile, bending, and shear strength
Supports and withstands heavy loads
Reduces the occurrence of cracks
high resistance to environmental effects, good plasticity

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Would like to find out more about our products?

Would like to find out more about our products?